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Some of Ros's Work

Evening Reflections painting

Day Breaks II painting

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Unbelievable as it may sound....anyone can produce a painting to be proud of.....and if you dont believe me....let me prove it to you.
I am so convince that I will be able to teach you to paint wet in wet that I offer a money back guarantee to all new students for their first workshop.  At the end of the class, if you are not proud of your finished painting, then all you have to do is leave your canvas with me and I will give you a full refund. 

The workshop is very informal. All you have to do is arrive in old clothes (I supply aprons). Then listen and watch as I break the painting down into easy, bite-sized chunks and demonstrate "how to" for each stage. After watching a stage, you then go and repeat what you have just watched. Then, stage by stage, we repeat the process until you have built up the painting till it's finished.

I work on the "see one stage, do one stage" principle. It makes it so much easier. And because of this, there's really no age restriction.  My youngest student, so far, has been 9yrs old and my oldest student was 77.

Although the students do start out following the same process, it's amazing how different and indivudual the finished paintings look. Each student has the freedom to decide key elements of the composition.....for example where to put a tree, or a cloud. And students can choose to work their painting in different colour schemes....I give each student individual advice. It's for this reason that I restrict the class sizes....to make sure you get as much individual attention and advice as you need....without stifling your individuality.

Jean's second painting

Some examples of Students' First paintings


Ann's son and daughter-in-law bought a workshop voucher for her Chriistmas.
An NHS worker, Ann had never painted before....was adamant that she couldn't do it.....and arrived at her first workshop nervous and convinced she was going to make a mess of it.
The informality of the workshop meant that Ann quickly relaxed and "went with the flow"......and this was the result:

Jean's first painting

Ann was amazed that she had produced this painting.....and she had difficulty convincing her family and work colleagues that it was her first attempt....but it really was.
Ann has now been to 4 workshop and now has the confidence to paint on her own at home. The last time she came to a workshop, she brought along a few paintings she had done at home for me to critique/advise her.

Now thats what I love to see.... someone gaining in confidence to the point when they "try out their wings" themselves.


To book a workshop just call me on
01561 362902

and leave a message if I can't answer
....I will call you back.

Alternatively, email me at
enquiries contact

Student Comments

Ann: "I cant believe I painted that......I'm really amazed.....if I hadn't been there and done it myself, I wouldn't have believe it was possible. When can I come back?"

Sandy: "Wow.....did I do that?!! I know what my sister is getting for her Christmas...a painting and a voucher for a workshop "

Bernadette: (before the workshop): "No way.....no way.... I cant do that"
Bernadette: (after the workshop): "What a fantastic teacher you are Ros..... my husband is never going to nelieve I painted that!!!"

Ralph: "Fantastic.....what else can I say"

To book a workshop just call me on 07975 695 182
and leave a message if I can answer....I will call you back.

Alternatively, email me at
enquiries contact